Blogging, journalism and the future walk into a bar…

The Doctor was supposed to let me borrow the Tardis so I could answer this question, but he had to go and regenerate.

After my previous posts debating the good and bad of blogging and its relationship to journalism, it’s time to attempt connection of the two and decide what this means for the future of journalism.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a time machine and will have to rely on the tools at my immediate possession.

This article, although dated, can still be applied to today.  It brings up the idea that blogs, and the rise of blog readership, can lead to media consumers only reading blogs that reinforce their existing views.

This can have a negative impact on the social and political landscape, but no more than someone watching only “Countdown” or “Hannity.”

While blogs have hastened the decline of traditional media, especially newspapers, they have just been the latest gravediggers in a long procession that includes 24 hour news networks, Craigslist and scandals involving journalists at prestigious publications.

However, things are not exclusively gloom and doom for journalists.

Bloggers, in general, still have to see stories in the mainstream media that they can base their opinions on.  If mainstream media goes extinct, bloggers will have to go out into the field, or hire unemployed journalists to provide news-based content on which to opine.

The face of blogging?


And really, who would be comfortable giving an interview to someone who might never leave his mom’s basement.

Blogs do present a danger to mainstream media, but they might do society a service and force the media to adapt to provide more of what consumers want.


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