My Manifesto for Matt’s Musings or: I Enjoy Frustrating Leslie Wolfe by Allowing Alliteration :)

This is one of the top Google image search results for "confused face."

What should this blog focus on?  To be honest, I’m at a loss when it comes to answering this question for my journalism class.

On one hand, I stated in my first blog post that I would be blogging about class and personal subjects, especially the awesomeness of The Velvet Underground.

But on the other hand (assuming you have two hands after that nasty wood chipper incident…that’s right, your wife told me what happened), I need to have a more specific focus than just “class work and old music.”

Old music is pretty broad, but focusing on The Velvet Underground helps narrow it down a little.  Class work is also a pretty broad subject, but it might help that I’m mainly blogging about journalism and its relation to blogs and other forms of social media.

So, I think my focus will be this:  As A&E Editor for a college newspaper I have a unique insight to different aspects of pop culture.  Therefore, the primary, non-academic focus of my blog will be giving my opinion on why certain items from pop culture are relevant, important and otherwise awesome.

People can say that The Beatles are overrated, “Futurama” was criminally underrated, “Battlestar Galactica” (the new one) was frakking amazing or other such statements all they want, but I’m going to try and provide substantial evidence to support claims like these.

Pictured: Good people.

Also, before a virtual s—storm starts in my comment section or on Facebook, I dig The Beatles.

Anyways, I think that’s where my blog’s focus will lie.  The other night I saw a preview for a new show called “Solving History.”  Think of this blog as something along the lines of “Solving A&E,” with special guest appearances by the Future of Journalism.

Also, if you’ve been thinking to yourself “gee, I sure wish I could figure out why ‘derp’* is so awesome, or why ‘derpa derp’* is more popular now than it was in the ’60s,” ask those questions in the comment section or on Facebook and I’ll do my best to answer them.

You stay classy, Blogosphere.

* = Derp, or any variation thereof, means whatever I want it to mean.  In this case, I’ll go with an A&E-related item or topic.


One Response to “My Manifesto for Matt’s Musings or: I Enjoy Frustrating Leslie Wolfe by Allowing Alliteration :)”

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