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I don't know why this is one of the top search results for "boring stuff." While this post might be a tab bit dry, there's are some links to click on that you might enjoy.

For this assignment I had to search the Internets for blogs to read on a regular basis, blogs that will give me ideas as I write in my own blog.  While I do a fair bit of online reading, I’ve never really tried to think of a list like this before. 

So here it goes, my list of blogs I like and think you should like too.

The Arts Beat is the New York Times A&E blog.  Since the primary focus of my blog will be on A&E topics, it makes sense to read a blog that’s associated with one of the more prestigious newspapers in the country.

I like classical music (or at least the idea of classical music), so this blog from the Washington Post should provide some info as to what’s going on in the classical music scene these days, apart from striking orchestras.

I’m kind of behind the times when it comes to popular music, but the Washington Post has got me covered with its pop music blog.

I can’t leave out the course blog for my class, can I?  I can go there and check on what my classmates are blogging about, because there’s no better place to get ideas than a group of your like-minded peers.

The Undesirable Element belongs to a funny guy I sort of know.  He doesn’t update on any sort of schedule, but his posts are usually quite funny.

While Rolling Stone has gone downhill recently, I still like its bloggers, especially Taibbi, Travers and Dickinson.  Also on Rolling Stone is a nice blog that aggregates a lot of news related to the music scene.

In addition to the pop and classical music blogs, the Washington Post also has a blog with book editors discussing news from the industry and around the world, as well as a comprehensive TV blog.

All of these blog can provide ideas for me to write about, but these last two blogs just crack me up.  One is about journalists and the other is about another demographic I belong to.

Holy crap, sorry that post was so boring.  But good news, it’s done!  Yay!  Also, look below for a special parting image.

Your reward for tolerating this post.


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