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It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Blogging)

January 13, 2010

Here I am, Blogosphere.  I honestly never thought it would come to this because, despite my nerdy demeanor, I’m not very tech-savvy.

This picture of my high school computer teacher may explain my hesitation to learn new technology.

Granted, I’ve mastered some things on the Internets, like “World of Warcraft,” using search engines, ordering unhealthy food and books I say I’ll read but never get around to, but other than I’m fairly shy around new things.

I should probably explain a little about why I’m blogging before anything else.  I’m a senior journalism student at West Virginia University (post jokes at West Virginia’s expense in the comment section), and this blog is part of a course I’m enrolled in for the Spring 2010 semester.

Since how society defines the media is constantly changing, and because blogging is becoming a big part of the media, I wanted to get as much experience as possible before I leave college.

While this blog is for a class it is also for my personal use, which means I can write about almost anything I want.  Some of my interests include movies, music from the ’60s and ’80s, good wine and tasty beer, movies, books, television and the hilarity of American politics.

That’s right, this blog will have the same content as 90% of every other blog on the Internet, with the other 10% being composed of fan fiction, porn or a combination of the two.

I also plan to dedicate a significant amount of content to advance awareness of why The Velvet Underground is the most influential band you’ve never heard of.

Learn to love these music deities.

As for what I want to get out of this course, I’m not entirely sure.  The most obvious answer would be experience, which is what I’ll go with.  At least, a new kind of experience relevant to The Waste Land of a job market I’ll be entering in a few short months.

I also want a journalistic experience that’s more personal than writing for a newspaper, something I can use to blow off some steam.

Well, this is the end of my requisite “Hello, World” post that most bloggers write.  It’s been a blast, and I’ll be writing about three or four news blog posts every week.  Most will be personal in nature, but some will be more academic to fulfill my course objectives.

Also, I’ll try to think of something clever to sign off with, but until then…kthxbye.